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Komo Ventures is tapping into the growth market of telemonitoring by utilising patented technology to deliver home monitoring services to chronic disease sufferers. Globally, chronic disease experts are unanimously proclaiming that, chronic disease, such as diabetes and chronic heart failure, is emerging as one of the most challenging, most costly, and fastest growing problems in health care. Its effect on the health system will become increasingly severe as the population ages and the incidence of chronic disease continues to expand.

In telemonitoring, sensors are used to capture and transmit biomedical data. For example, a tele-EEG device monitors the electrical activity of a patients brain and then transmits that data to a specialist for reporting. This could be done in either real-time or the data could be stored and then forwarded.

World demographic changes such as a growing ageing population presents enormous healthcare challenges in the care of elderly citizens and the prevention and management of chronic disease. There are requirements for new approaches to the effective care of the elderly, with a particular focus on prevention and early diagnosis. Remote patient monitoring offers the potential for more effective care by allowing caregivers to monitor vital signs, medication compliance, activity patterns over time, and to be alerted when there is a change from normal levels which may indicate a fall, illness or other emergency.

Komo Ventures’ initial product and services offerings are participating in market segments that are very active and dynamic. Our differentiation and competitive advantage comes from our patented system, proprietary application software and integration of e-Commerce, Biometric and Smart Card technologies.

The patented Medical Monitoring Platform (MMP) is a uniquely integrated online Medical Data Management System (MDMS) for the enrolling, capturing, transmitting and controlling of highly secure biomedical data. Security and Management of the patient data, or medical record of an event, from “End-to-End” is of paramount importance. The Medical Monitoring Platform (MMP)represents a “One-Stop-Shop” product as the ultimate single source for all medical related and data sensitive products and services. Global coverage, full functionality and seamless integration are achieved between traditional medical sensors worn by patients to capture and transmit the biomedical data.

The new Medical Data Monitoring System (MDMS) is installed within domestic, industrial, commercial and the transport industry sectors. The Integrated Communication Unit (ICU) connects multiple sensors, acting as “thin clients”, to a central unit that monitors sensor conditions over a Web Based Portal. This unique and innovative Medical Data Monitoring System (MDMS) requires no external device to connect with the Internet.

Once a medical alarm condition or biomedical data event is activated, information is collected by the ICU and transmitted over the Internet without the need of a computer or external modem. This product falls in the category of Information Appliance (IA) and will become the cornerstone of the intelligent Home, Car, Taxi, Transport, Office or Factory.

The new patented Medical Monitoring Platform (MMP) will revolutionise the current “back-to-base” services offered by large medical monitoring companies. The newly developed product offers a “do-it-yourself” Medical Monitoring system. The novelty is derived from the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to respond to a triggered alarm or biomedical conditions and the use of an embedded computing process that requires no external computer to connect to the Internet. The alarm or biomedical conditions may be in the form of data (temperature, blood pressure, brain activity, muscle tension, skin moisture, heart rate, etc..), video or voice.

The following features and benefits provide a highly differentiated product for easier commercialisation processes:

  • new highly innovative on-line Medical Monitoring product
  • unique solution to growing chronic illness
  • application within the Mental Health and Physical Health areas
  • simple and convenient to use
  • internet ready without an external computer
  • secure access control with user authentication
  • biometric ready
  • global accessibility
  • smart home focus
  • value added products
  • digital video audit trail of events
  • multi functional applications
  • utilises state-of-the-art smart card technology
  • compliant to international standards

The Medical Monitoring Platform (MMP) has the following major sub-systems and components that make up the total system:

  • 1. System Input Sensors:
    Cameras with first stage imaging, Data sensors, Motion sensors, Sound sensors, Temperature sensors, Human biomedical data sensors etc… All sensors are wirelessly coupled to the main Integrated Communication Unit (ICU)
  • 2. Data Processing:
    Efficient processing of the input data from the sensors
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence:
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the early detection, identification and processing of the input data such as facial recognition, voice recognition, event processing, medical data, etc…
  • 4. Interface Gateway:
    Wirelessly connected Gateway consolidates all data from the sensors and transmits via the Internet, without the need of a PC, to a remote hosted application site
  • 5. Interface Host:
    Resides in a remote, secure data centre and provides connectivity via a highly secure and encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection
  • 6. Advanced Image Processing Application:
    The application layer receives all input data from the Interface Gateway and processes all imaging content
  • 7. Application Admin Interface:
    The application control centre for managing the entire process of collection, managing, processing, authentication of users etc…
  • 8. Database – Incoming Image Storage:
    Storage of raw image footage, as received from the sensors (Pre-Processed Images) and processed images (Post-Processed Images). This provides two logical feeds to the database
  • 9. Database – Application Data:
    Storage of outcome data following system outcomes and application requirements
  • 10. Database – Reference Data:
    Stored data used as a comparison against actual data for artificial logic process
  • 11. Database – AI Assessment:
    Comparison and outcome data for assessing and making a judgement on the processed sensor data which is used to control output
  • 12. User Interface:
    Provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) via a Desktop Control Centre (DCC)

Komo Ventures is currently integrating numerous technologies into a medical/health related entity that will ultimately be vended into a Public Listed Company. We are active in the Medical/Health sectors with prime focus on teleRadiology, teleHealth, teleMonitoring, Medical Content and Medical Desktop. These aggregated entities and technologies include the structuring of business operations and initiatives to provide comprehensive products and services in the Global Medical/Health market.

Our prime objectives are to maximise existing revenue streams while cost-effectively creating new profitable service opportunities. Our experience has centred on:
  • providing specialised products and services into niche markets
  • developing and manufacturing new monitoring based products
  • creating new internet based services utilising the patented technology
  • establishing global distribution facilities and channels to market

Komo Ventures provides professional and unbiased advise together with engineering, design and project supervision for both Private and Government sectors. Komo Ventures provides information technology management consultancy to leading organisations.

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  • software development

    Deployed a large team of 80 software engineers for multiple years to design and deliver the TNM for a global LEO network.

  • resource management

    Efficient, effective deployment and allocation of corporate resources for project based activities.

  • project planning

    Managed a large deployment of software resources over multiple years with tasks allocated on a daily basis.

  • financial review

    Investment and technology due diligence for strategic financial placement for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • corporate restructure

    Effective review and reorganisation of resources to contribute to the company's overall mission and goals.

  • corporate management

    Financial, strategic and brand management of corporate resources and products.

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