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waste-2-food (w2f)

closing the loop
from waste, to energy,
to abundant fresh food

Hydroponics is a sustainable economic solution that provides all-year-round horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates.

HelioPONIX™, a wholly owned division of Komo Ventures, has created an 'add-on' product to the Helio Planet's Helio Reactor Unit' (HRU). The HRU takes organic waste as input feedstock and produces electricity and other commodities. The electricity is then feed into the helioPONIX™ unit to drive all the hydroponics equipment housed inside the 40 foot shipping container.

The results are a significantly high yield at reduced time frames and with consistent quality. A growing global population and the demands for sustainable food supply is the basis for the transportable 'HelioPONIX™ hydroponic Units' (HHU) that do not rely on pristine soils, non-renewable energy, high amounts of water and chemicals.

The HelioPONIX™ food generation process needs less water, uses no insecticides or herbicides and requires minimal interaction. Internal adjustable propagation shelving, crop-specific wavelength adjustable LED units, temperature probes, cameras and temperature controllers ensure controllable and predictable high yield food production. Once the food (fruit and/or vegetables) is harvested from the 'HelioPONIX™ Hydroponic Units' (HHU) the residual waste is then feed into the nearby 'Helio Reactor Units' (HRU) for further processing and resource recovery.

Local fresh food production for local community consumption means that no additional transportation is required to deliver the food to the consuming market.

This trend of localised urban farming is rapidly embraced as the next technological advancement to ensure high quality and abundant food production. These transportable, indoor 'HelioPONIX™ Hydroponics Units' (HHU) (or vertical farming units) can also be used to grow crops for use in vaccines.

Our prime objectives are to establish abundant, fresh food growing in 'HelioPONIX™ Hydroponics Units' (HHU) on a global basis. Our experience has centred on:

  • creating concept and designs
  • producing interfaces into the Helio Reactor Units (HRU)
  • Due diligence review for hydroponics equipment
  • Connectivity requirement for global HelioPONIX™ transportables

Komo Ventures provides professional and unbiased advise together with engineering, design and project supervision for both Private and Government sectors. Komo Ventures provides information technology management consultancy to leading organisations.

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services delivered a small representation of the work Komo Ventures has carried out

  • software development

    Deployed a large team of 80 software engineers for multiple years to design and deliver the TNM for a global LEO network.

  • resource management

    Efficient, effective deployment and allocation of corporate resources for project based activities.

  • project planning

    Managed a large deployment of software resources over multiple years with tasks allocated on a daily basis.

  • financial review

    Investment and technology due diligence for strategic financial placement for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • corporate restructure

    Effective review and reorganisation of resources to contribute to the company's overall mission and goals.

  • corporate management

    Financial, strategic and brand management of corporate resources and products.

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