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health information exchange (HIX)

health informatics
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Inadequate personal and social data collection and storage contributes significantly to poor health and social outcomes in many developing countries. Of particular importance are the need to store health and medical records for members of nomadic communities, many of whom are illiterate, and the collection of reliable information about population, health and environmental variables.

The large-scale, distributed Health Information eXchange (HIX) uses smart cards, hand held devices, online connectivity platforms and database structures to gather and store individual health information as well as community data relating to migration patterns, water quality and food production. In this way the entire data of an individual is captured in one location. With ‘large data’ mining techniques, trends and outcomes are used to develop effective public health policies. In this way governments (local, state or federal) can launch targeted financial assistance programs to stimulate economic activity and relevant health initiatives within a local community.

The HIX system achieves positive health, environmental and social impacts. This process provides for a more portable and more accessible Health Record system.

A key feature of the HIX system is that it involves the establishment of ongoing relationships involving members of the local communities, specialists with expertise in health care, community development and public health education and practice, and consultants in relevant fields of knowledge and experience. HIX builds an integrated, community based mutual assistance program in health care and prevention.

The HIX system will radically transform the country’s healthcare sector and save lives by providing early identification of diseases, preventable medication error, tracking treatment plans, and by providing a health knowledge base down to the local community level.

Engaging local Government, Non-Government Agencies and nonprofit entities helps provide critical support to develop such a health records database system at the local, regional and national level.

Komo Ventures is currently integrating numerous technologies into a medical/health related entity that will ultimately be vended into a Public Listed Company. We are active in the Medical/Health sectors with prime focus on teleRadiology, teleHealth, teleMonitoring, Medical Content and Medical Desktop. These aggregated entities and technologies include the structuring of business operations and initiatives to provide comprehensive products and services in the Global Medical/Health market.

Our prime objectives are to establish HIX platforms in countries where health records are non-existent. Our experience has centred on:
  • platform development
  • multi-component interfacing
  • customer user interface development
  • establishing in-country partner network

Komo Ventures provides professional and unbiased advise together with engineering, design and project supervision for both Private and Government sectors. Komo Ventures provides information technology management consultancy to leading organisations.

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services delivered a small representation of the work Komo Ventures has carried out

  • software development

    Deployed a large team of 80 software engineers for multiple years to design and deliver the TNM for a global LEO network.

  • resource management

    Efficient, effective deployment and allocation of corporate resources for project based activities.

  • project planning

    Managed a large deployment of software resources over multiple years with tasks allocated on a daily basis.

  • financial review

    Investment and technology due diligence for strategic financial placement for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • corporate restructure

    Effective review and reorganisation of resources to contribute to the company's overall mission and goals.

  • corporate management

    Financial, strategic and brand management of corporate resources and products.

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