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genomics services

real-time personalised
Medical Treatments
for individuals

'Personalised Medicine' is a medical breakthrough that allows each individual patient to receive medical treatment, based on their individual personal medical condition and their DNA, in real-time during each medical consultation. Thus, medical decisions, practices, interventions and/or products are tailored to the individual patient based on their predicted medical response or risk of disease.

To achieve this type of predictability, for each treatment plan, a General Practitioner (GP) requires DNA information, blood analysis in real-time during the medical consultation. Raw data from genomics sequencers are easily derived but the analysis of that raw data takes a significant amount of time and is relatively costly. Normally the data is generated and processed at an independent external lab, over a few days, and so makes real-time analysis and treatment at the GP's an impossible task.

A 'Liquid Biopsy' is carried out on a sample of blood to look for cancer cells from a tumour that are circulating in the blood or for pieces of DNA from tumour cells that are in the blood. A liquid biopsy may be used to help find cancer at an early stage.

Komo Ventures with its vast understanding and experience of:

  • medical systems
  • secure cloud based distributed data collection
  • health based user interfaces
  • medical data storage

has the capability, with its strategic partners, to provide a 'Massively Parallel Genomics Platform' (MPGP) that processes, in real-time and on-site, the massive amount of raw data that the genomic sequencers provide. In computing terms, massively parallel refers to the use of a large number of processors to perform a set of coordinated computations simultaneously in parallel.

Presently impressive results have been achieved from our processing cards of about 5,632 cores generating 11,466 GFLOPS. The data computational acceleration compared to equivalent CLOUD platforms is in the range of 800x. These results can also be doubled as two processing cards can be installed in each localised server.

That represents a massive 11,246 cores.

(Note: To place some relevance on these numbers... when you buy a high end consumer workstation or laptop with the latest 'Kaby Lake', the 7th generation Intel Core processor microarchitecture that was launched in October 2016, you get 8 cores of CPU processing power!!! Now imagine 1,433 of these Intel workstations, or laptops, working in parallel to provide, in minutes, the data required by your consulting GP for your personalised treatment plan.)

The raw data input can be provided from any DNA 'Next Generation Sequencing' (NGS) machines (wet lab output). A DNA sequencer is a scientific instrument used to automate the DNA sequencing process.

These central processing unit cores act in a cluster configuration passing work to one another through a reconfigurable interconnect of channels. By harnessing an enormously large number of processors working in parallel, the on-board central processing units (CPUs) and random-access memory (RAM) banks can accomplish more demanding tasks and number crunch massive amounts of data than conventional chips. Our MPGP is based on a 'Parallel Programming Model' (PPM) that is highly necessary for the high-performance genomics system applications.

The 'Patent Candidate' technology can also be utilised by Researchers, Medical Professionals and Academics to personalise medicines or drug discovery.

Komo Ventures is currently integrating numerous technologies into a medical/health related entity that will ultimately be vended into a Public Listed Company. We are active in the Medical/Health sectors with prime focus on teleRadiology, teleHealth, teleMonitoring, Medical Content and Medical Desktop. These aggregated entities and technologies include the structuring of business operations and initiatives to provide comprehensive products and services in the Global Medical/Health market.

Our prime objectives are to introduce 'Personalised Medical Treatments' at your local GP in the not so distant future. Our experience has centred on:

  • providing specialised products and services into the medical/health markets
  • developing new genomics data processing platforms
  • creating methodologies for new service deliveries
  • establishing global cloud based distribution channels to market

Komo Ventures provides professional and unbiased advise together with engineering, design and project supervision for both Private and Government sectors. Komo Ventures provides information technology management consultancy to leading organisations.

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  • software development

    Deployed a large team of 80 software engineers for multiple years to design and deliver the TNM for a global LEO network.

  • resource management

    Efficient, effective deployment and allocation of corporate resources for project based activities.

  • project planning

    Managed a large deployment of software resources over multiple years with tasks allocated on a daily basis.

  • financial review

    Investment and technology due diligence for strategic financial placement for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • corporate restructure

    Effective review and reorganisation of resources to contribute to the company's overall mission and goals.

  • corporate management

    Financial, strategic and brand management of corporate resources and products.

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