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Komo Ventures sources key technology components from leading “Best of Bread” technology suppliers and combines application solutions that are highly geared for its customer base. Having access to existing and flexible platform infrastructure ensures that Komo Ventures can deliver innovative systems and services, on a timely and cost effective basis. This approach caters well for customers with continual business requirement changes and solutions that are critical in Real-Time.

These ideas have given rise to a number of software development processes that capture the principles of flexibility, customer interaction, productivity, and individuality. An ever-increasing demand for high quality software products delivered in a relatively short timeframe has created a necessity for flexibility in requirements.

The entire Komo Ventures' platform and system is innovative and contains high levels of inventiveness including:

  • Software that will meet strict performance requirements in respect of protocol, integration, speed, fault tolerance, security and modular scalability
  • Software that provides “Real-Time” and highly secure interaction with the platform, network and services
  • Software that creates an environment for various disparate technologies to conveniently and seamlessly converge
  • Software that will meet reliability requirements over a significantly large user base, over a worldwide geographical distribution and yet still be independent of individual user activities, derived requests or fault conditions
  • Software on time and on schedule as there is only a limited and finite marketing window of opportunity
  • Software that meets customer expectations with usable functionality

The convergence of computers, communications and content has been a growing trend since it became commercially viable. Although data and text were converted into digital form many years ago, it has been the advent of high-speed communications, large storage devices and digital video that has made it possible for all forms of information for business and personal use. Convergence in the marketplace is taking place at numerous levels.

These converging markets are demanding new products and services that are cheaper, smaller, more interactive and are wireless driven. Komo Ventures has identified opportunities in network-enabled services and applications to drive productivity and profitability and is positioned as a Managed Service provider who promotes knowledge sharing activities with customers.

Komo Ventures' platform is a web based product offering targeted at major segments of the global consumer, Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and corporate markets. These Internet “packages” incorporate a range of products and services that provide an opportunity for end users to not only make significant savings, but to also receive other value added bundled services.

Our prime objectives are to introduce revolutionary new products and services into the online services marketplace. Our experience has centred on:

  • providing specialised products and services into niche markets
  • developing and manufacturing new online service based products
  • creating new internet services utilising the core platform technology
  • establishing global distribution facilities and channels to market

Komo Ventures provides professional and unbiased advise together with engineering, design and project supervision for both Private and Government sectors. Komo Ventures provides information technology management consultancy to leading organisations.

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services delivered a small representation of the work Komo Ventures has carried out

  • software development

    Deployed a large team of 80 software engineers for multiple years to design and deliver the TNM for a global LEO network.

  • resource management

    Efficient, effective deployment and allocation of corporate resources for project based activities.

  • project planning

    Managed a large deployment of software resources over multiple years with tasks allocated on a daily basis.

  • financial review

    Investment and technology due diligence for strategic financial placement for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • corporate restructure

    Effective review and reorganisation of resources to contribute to the company's overall mission and goals.

  • corporate management

    Financial, strategic and brand management of corporate resources and products.

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about Komo Ventures

As a leader of change and innovation Komo Ventures has introduced technology and services, into a global marketplace, for over 30 years.

Komo Ventures has either directly developed products or represented many of the global leaders.

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